Info Fish & Farm

Fish & Farm provides consultancy and process guidance to organizations and individuals in the fishing and farming industries. The advisory focus is on projectmanagement and process facilitation related to food production (fisheries, aquaculture and farming).    sarah-verroen-krab

Fish & Farm is mainly active in the field of food production on land and at sea. In both fishing and farming, emotion, tradition and perseverance go hand in hand with entrepreneurship and innovation.

The projects carried out by Fish & Farm encompass a vast array of stakeholders, but are always linked to social innovation and food production, and mostly the fishing industry.

Fish & Farm was started in 2012 by Sarah Verroen, through education and experience a professional advisor in coastal zone management . Her affinity with agricultural issues stems from her personal life which centers around farming and rural activities.

 “Fish & Farm initiates, facilitates and communicates”

Fish & Farm has a large and diverse network, providing a solid base for successful cooperation within multi-stakeholder processes and solving complex issues.  Feel free to contact Fish & Farm if you’re interested in concept development, process facilitation, communication, research and consultancy.